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Copywriting for Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Environmental Health

  • Mind - Meditation - Rocks Balanced in a Pile on the Beach


    Intellectual ~ Psychological ~ Self-Improvement ~ Self-Help ~ Mental Health ~ Behavioral Health ~ Autism ~ Emotional Health ~ Early Childhood Development ~ Neurological ~ Education ~ Brain Health ~ Memory ~ Relaxation Techniques/Stress Management ~ Sleep ~ Exercise ~ Work-Life Balance

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  • Health & Wellness Organic Whole Foods Nutrition


    Exercise ~ Fitness ~ Nutrition ~ Sleep ~ Natural Health ~ Alternative Health ~ Natural Supplements ~ Herbal Remedies ~ Natural Beauty ~ Whole Foods ~ Organic Gardening ~ Vegan ~ Outdoor Recreation ~ Essential Oils ~ Massage ~ Work-Life Balance

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  • Woman Worshipping at Sunset - Ocean - Spirit - Spiritual


    Meditation ~ Relaxation Techniques ~ Self-Help ~ Self-Improvement ~ Mindfulness ~ Relationships ~ Creativity ~ Music ~ Nature ~ Self-Esteem ~ Compassion ~ Empathy ~ Christianity ~ Sense of Purpose

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  • Planet Earth


    Environmental Awareness ~ Environmental Education ~ Conservation ~ Species Protection ~ Habitat Protection ~ Climate Change ~ Global Warming ~ Carbon Footprint ~ Sustainability ~ Organic Farming ~ Regenerative Farming ~ Eco-Tourism ~ Eco-Fiction ~ Green Products/Services

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If you fall into any of these categories, you’re in the right place! See slides above for more!

Health & Wellness
Spirituality/Mental & Spiritual Health
Education / Human Resources
Sports, Fitness, & Nutrition
Creative Arts

Traditional Healthcare
Alternative Health
Natural Supplements
Natural Remedies (Herbal, Essential Oils, and more)
Premiums/Special Reports
Mental Health
Relaxation Techniques
Stress Management
And More...

Leadership Development
Employee Development
Mental Health
Behavioral Health
Work-Life Balance
And More...

Mindfulness Training
Spiritual Guidance & Counseling
Relaxation Techniques
Stress Management
And More...

Environmental Organizations
Organic Agriculture/Gardening
Regenerative Agriculture/Soil Conservation
Land & Habitat Conservation
Environmental Protection
Sustainable Products/Resources
Natural Products
Whole Foods
Organic Foods
Bee Keeping!
Backyard Habitat
Tiny Houses
Green Energy
Green Products
And More...

Online Education
Leadership Development
Employee Development
Continuing Education
Equal Opportunity
Employee Wellness
Ergonomic Work Space
And More...

Exercise & Exercise Equipment
Sports Psychology
Sports Trainers
Whole Foods
Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised Meats & Dairy
And More...

Performing Arts
Visual Arts
And More... (I am also a copyeditor ~ for marketing content, books, ebooks, and more)

Sustainable Tourism
Environmental Tourism
Environmental Awareness
Environmental Education
Habitat Protection
Wildlife Protection
Wildlife Tourism

Turbulent Times Call for Creative Marketing Strategies & Partnerships

Laptop & Chai latte

Increase Website Exposure

Website Audit ~ SEO Optimization ~ Website Content ~ eNewsletter ~ Social Media & Blog Posts ~ Cause Marketing ~ And More

People on laptop Computers-Coffee Shop

Grow Your Audience

Lead Generation ~ Blog & Social Media Posts ~ SEO Optimization ~ Content Marketing ~ eNewsletters ~ White Papers/Special Reports ~ Testimonials ~ Case Studies ~ Cause Marketing ~ And More

Massive tree with bright sunlight shining through the branches

Nurture Your Audience

White Papers ~ Website Content ~ Blog & Social Media Posts ~ eNewsletters ~ Email Responders ~ And More

Laptop with Revenue on the screen - Business Growth ROI

Increase Business/ROI

Direct Response Marketing ~ Email Marketing ~ Blog & Social Media Posts ~ Content Marketing ~ Cause Marketing ~ Business to Consumer ~ Business to Business ~ And More

Heather Murata

Marketing Consultant/Copywriter

Partnering with You to Make a Difference!

Professional Copywriter

Marketing Consultant

AWAI Verified

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Turbulent Times Call for Creative Marketing Strategies & Partnerships

You have a mission — I have a mission. Together we can:

Bring clarity to complex ideas.

Shape attitudes.

Influence hearts and minds.

Heal the Earth and its people.

Mind + Body + Spirit + Planet

It's not just a slogan. . .it's a lifestyle!

You have an amazing product, service, or message to share with the world, but you're swamped!
You want to work on content marketing and more to promote your business or message.

But publishing and promoting content for your audience often gets pushed into the background by the
neverending daily tasks that can't be ignored.

I can help!

I'm passionate about health & wellness. Not just people...planet too!

As a member of the environmentally-conscious health & fitness community, I'm always happy
to meet people who are working to make the world a better place!

Unfortunately, this is a noisy, distracting world. And it's only grown louder and more distracting.
Worldwide pandemic, financial uncertainty, fear, and panic.

How can you get your message in front of your target audience? How do you stay top of mind,
and how do you do it while being mindful of the stresses they're under in the current chaos?

Whatever your end goal, you can only convert people to action if they hear you and understand your message.

And that's where I come in!

I have a knack for clarity and a simple yet all-encompassing philosophy about the world and our place in it.

Healthy People = Healthy Planet ~ Healthy Planet = Healthy People

I understand the nuances of the connection between human health and planet health. And I'm dedicated
to making positive impacts in the world.

So, I use my diverse background, knowledge, and love of learning to help you reach your target audience.

I hold a BA in psychology, concentrating on communication skills, human development, and behavior.

Combine that with my copywriting training, and knack for clarity, and what do you get?

You have a writer who can, in a conversational tone, convey your message to your chosen target market.

But conveying the message isn't enough. It would help if you had someone who can write compelling,
persuasive content or marketing copy.

Copy or content that converts—that moves your audience to the desired action.

I understand the mindset of the environmentally-conscious health and fitness community. That's my tribe!

Do you need help reaching your audience? You've come to the right place. I AM your audience!

If you think I might be the writer you're looking for, I'd love to connect with you.

Let's get together over the phone, Zoom, Facetime, or Skype, and chat about how I could help you meet your goals.

Still wondering if we're a good fit? Follow this link to find out more!

Global warming climate change impact graphic depicting penguins on a floating chunk of ice, a crying polar bear on another ice chunk, three suns, and three icebergs

Simple Actionable Steps You Need To Know To Combat Global Warming

PART ONE: Revealing The Urgency — The Frightening Cost Of Climate Change Unveiled September 5, 2023

Colorful abstract art depicting wine poured from a wine bottle into a wine glass

Revolutionary Life Choice: Sober-Curious Viral Departure From Societal Norms

Unveiling The Sober-Curious Movement & Introducing Targeted Adaptogen Alternatives Part One Embracing the Sober-Curious Movement: Breaking

Contamination – water pollution

Spotlight: Hazardous Drinking Water Pollution In The United States

And How To Mitigate This Insidious Problem Water is a fundamental resource for all living beings,

Earth, water, fire

The Truth About Climate Change: Staggering Toll On Human Health

And How to Stem the Rising Tide Climate change is an undeniable reality impacting the planet

Bringing Your Voice to Life!


You need to get your message out to your audience. But how can you connect with them through the noise and chaos of our increasingly distracting world?

First, you need to be seen! Through site audits, SEO optimization, content-writing, and more, I will help you increase your brand's exposure.

Then, when you're ready to partner with me for your next marketing campaign, I'll tap into your unique voice, and write creative, compelling copy with clear calls to action that convert.

Build & Maintain Relationships


Your audience is your greatest treasure. Even more so during these turbulent times. Treat them well, and they'll stay with you now and into the future!

Using proven lead generation strategies, blog & social media posts, eNewsletters, email responders, and more, together we can position your organization at the forefront of your audience's mind.

I can help you build your customer base and nurture your audience to encourage loyalty and repeat purchases.

Get in Touch

For Your Free "Ice Breaker" Consultation

Let's Explore the Possibilities!

Clients / Testimonials

Shortlist of Products

Digital Marketing

for all your internet marketing needs

You know it's important, but you still don't have time. From lead generation to social media, email marketing to SEO content-writing. . .TWCC has you covered.

Website Audits

Diagnostic Check-up for Site Content

Is your site missing key content? I will go through your site with a fine-toothed comb, analyzing strengths & weaknesses.

SEO-Optimized Website Content

Turbocharge Your Website

Your audience can only hear you if they can find you. Employing proven SEO content-writing strategies to bring your brand to the head of the pack!

Case Studies

Leverage the power of social proof

If you think testimonials are good for business, wait until you see what case studies can do!

Chatbot Prototype

Fun & Convenient for Your Audience

Results-oriented for you! Up to 600% increase ROI. Up to 9x reduction in customer acquisition costs. Customer service, lead generation, direct sales, segmentation, omni-channel marketing, and more!

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Circle of Success Membership
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Shortlist of Products

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns & Autoresponders

Businesses generate $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing. . .a staggering 3800% ROI. Hire a specialist to position your business at the top.

Direct Response Marketing

Clear, Compelling Calls to Action that Convert

From magalogs, and long-form sales letters, to landing pages, and VSL's. . .you need a copywriting specialist.

Social Media Posts & Management

Nurture Your Audience

Nurturing your audience is crucial to your success. They're hungry for information, and you're in a prime position to provide it. . .except for the time it takes. A professional copywriter is key to consistent content creation.

Cause Marketing

The socially-responsible business

Audiences will rally to a good cause. When a business aligns itself with a non-profit, everyone wins.

White Papers

B2B Marketing Content Gold Standard

Trained by "That White Paper Guy," Gordon Graham, through AWAI's course, The Ultimate White Paper Mentorship Program. This is gold standard B2B content at its finest.

COVID-19 Charitable Giving
TWCC Will Donate a portion of its 2020 Proceeds to the Hawaii Foodbank

The Wellness Connection Copywriting is a Child Branch of

Creative Clarity Copywriting LLC Logo

Founded by Heather Murata, CCC LLC and TWCC, are examples of integrity in marketing.

Creative Clarity Copywriting LLC focuses on B2B and B2C spaces that fall outside of the health, wellness, and environmental niche.

It provides the same copywriting products and services as The Wellness Connection Copywriting.

The Wellness Connection Copywriting serves a broad niche, providing marketing copy and SEO-optimized web content for Health & Wellness, Natural Health, Alternative Health, Self-improvement, Fitness & Nutrition, Education, Environmental Organizations, and more.

If your brand doesn't fit into The Wellness Connection model, please contact me at Creative Clarity Copywriting.

CCC LLC serves the rest of the world! We might be a good fit in other areas of interest!

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