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SEO Optimize Existing Articles and Blog Posts with the “Now With More Project”

Raise awareness, establish trust and authority.

The Now With More Project spruces up your content so search engines sit up and take notice!

I’ll on-page SEO optimize existing articles and blog posts on your website employing proven SEO techniques. I use optimization strategies, like keyword research, formatting, and other skills to transform your content into reader-friendly and search engine-friendly web pages.

SEO vs Paid Advertising

Search engine optimization is a long-term marketing strategy that keeps on giving.

Unlike paid advertising, which only lasts as long as you continue paying for the ads.

I’ll also optimize your content for Google featured snippets whenever a topic lends itself to this strategy.

And, although nobody can guarantee SEO ranking results (if they do, you should run), making your content Google snippet-ready will improve your chances to rank on the first search results page!


On-page SEO can take any web content to the next level. Your audience can only hear your message if they can find it. If you’re looking for free, organic traffic to your site, on-page SEO is the first and most crucial step.

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