SEO Optimized Serial Articles Project

Raise awareness and establish trust and authority.

I’ll write SEO optimized serial articles and blog posts for you to publish on your website in stages. Each series will contain a minimum of three parts.

If you have a topic in mind, I’ll cover it. If you’d like me to come up with a topic, that’s fine too. We’ll brainstorm your goals and go from there.

Benefits of SEO Optimized Serial Articles & Blog Posts

Serial articles serve numerous purposes, not the least of which is that they grab search engine attention. They cover a topic in-depth, and they provide fresh content within a specified time frame.

Above and beyond search engine friendliness, however, is improving your relationship with your audience. Providing on-point web content is key to continued engagement and customer or member loyalty.

Post-Creation Marketing Strategy

After creating the content, I’ll put on my Marketing Consultant hat and work with you on an effective strategy for publishing the segments of the article and promoting the content.

Your goals drive this process! So an extra brainstorming session will maximize results.


Do you want to nurture your audience and increase retention and loyalty? Give them the information they need and want and, above all, make sure they can find it!

On-page SEO-optimized serial articles and blog posts — content marketing that keeps them coming back for more!

Let’s talk about how I can make this happen for your organization. Schedule a free consultation today!

SEO Copywriting Specialist Certificate of Completion - Heather Murata

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