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What can I expect, working with you?

If we decide to work together on a project, we’ll start with a discovery call or kick-off meeting, either online or over the phone. This meeting will serve to get us all on the same page!

I’m self-motivated and enjoy my work. You can expect me to be upbeat, pleasant, courteous, and professional. Once you’ve given me the information I need to begin work on your project, I hit the ground running.

If I have further questions as I work on your project, I’ll get in touch with you using the protocol we agree upon (e.g., email, text).

Am I only working with you?

Yes! I’m your one-stop-shop, so there’s no middle man between you and me! You don’t have to worry about anything “getting lost in the translation.”

Why don’t you post your rates?

Every project is unique. Some projects take more time, more research, or more words than others. As such, the rates will vary. Once I know what the project entails, I’ll put together a quote based on that information.

Why do you focus on so many topics?

I ask myself that every day! (I’m teasing.) Seriously, though, I’ve struggled with buttoning myself down all my life. I’m a well-rounded person with lots of driving interests, and I love digging into those interests.

Once I realized that many of them were interconnected with a common theme (health), coming up with this broad human and environmental health niche was a no-brainer! It gives me the variety I crave and a sense of purpose.

What’s your turnaround time? (How soon do I need to book you for a project?)

The turnaround time varies with each project. I can give you a better answer for this when we nail down your project needs. That said, I encourage you to book me as soon as you can if you don’t want to wait in line!

I like to write my content, but I need help with proofreading and editing. Do you do that?

You’re in luck! I’m also a copyeditor, and I enjoy that just as much as I enjoy writing. My rate depends on your needs—light, medium, or heavy editing. Send me the piece, and I’ll evaluate the level, then send you a quote.

If I have a natural health product, are you going to write about environmental issues?

That’s a great question! Am I? Honestly, it all depends on you, what you need, and what my creative instincts scream at me. During our discovery call or kick-off meeting, you’ll tell me all about your product, service, or message. And I’ll take it from there.

Suppose you’ve never thought of a connection between your product or service and the environment, for instance, but I see one that could get your audience’s attention. In that case, that connection could make a massive difference to the success of your promotion!

Copywriting is a skill. Clear thinking leads to clear writing. You can count on me to approach your project with a clear head and creative positioning that will connect with your audience.

Does your writing always tie human health to environmental health? What if I only want to focus on one or the other?

My writing does not always tie human health to environmental health. If your product, service, or message is only about one or the other, I focus on that.

Considering the variety of clients my service attracts, I draw from a wide range of knowledge, research, and more. Not all projects point to obvious or compelling connections between human health and environmental health.

I think clearly, and creatively. I write clearly, and creatively. I research, I read, and I come up with ideas that will speak to your audience. My goal is to write compelling copy that drives your particular audience to action. So, my copy needs to reflect the ideas that will speak to that audience.

When do I pay for your services?

I collect 50% of the fee upfront and the rest upon delivering the final piece.

I don’t enjoy working with WordPress on my website. Are you comfortable doing all of that for me, in addition to writing the content?

You’re in luck! I’m very comfortable working with WordPress. If that’s your medium, I’m happy to get in there and add the content directly onto your website after you’ve approved it.

I don’t have a website. Can you help me, or could you create one for me?

I’m comfortable creating websites as long as the content management system you’re using is WordPress. I am not a website developer, but I’ve built websites, including my own, using templates compatible with WordPress.

Most recent work:

Depending on how soon you need to get a website up and running and the type of media you need on the site, I’ll either design your site myself or assign the design work to a website developer in my network. Hiring TWCC to create your site could be a good option, especially if you want me to continue writing and adding content directly to your site.

Do you manage social media accounts or write content for them?

Yes, I manage and write content for social media accounts.

Do you have copywriting samples?

Yes, I do.


For Copywriting and Copyediting Samples

Can you get me on the first page of the search results?

Well, now, that’s never a guarantee. But I can tell you that I will work hard, using white hat on-page SEO strategies, to attract search engines to your site.

That means that when someone from your audience types keywords into Google or any other search engine, your content will have a better chance of showing up somewhere on those first pages of search results.

If anyone ever tells you they can guarantee you a specific spot on the search engine pages, run away! (Contact me. I won’t lie to you.)

But seriously, many variables affect search engine placement, and one of them is good writing. If you hire me to write website content for you, I can guarantee that my content will be well-researched, well-thought-out, and well-written. It will also employ proven white-hat on-page SEO strategies.

Why should I choose you over another copywriter?

Let’s go over some of the pros:

  • I’m unique in the health & wellness and environmental copywriting spaces.
  • I’m a member of the environmentally-conscious health and fitness tribe, so I speak the language. These folks, in large part, are your audience! I am your audience!
  • I’m committed to helping you succeed, and I do that by providing you with easy-to-understand, conversational, creative content that compels your audience to action.
  • I’m a self-starter, self-motivated, and I take the initiative. Once I know where you want to go with your project, I hit the ground running.
  • I’ll always treat you fairly and respectfully.
  • I think outside the box.
  • I think critically, clearly, and creatively. And that transfers into a lucid writing style that’s easy to follow, easy to understand.

So, let’s connect and talk about how I can help you achieve your goals!

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