The Wellness Connection Synergy

The wellness connection synergy is an intricate dance between the Earth and its inhabitants. This dance encompasses the interconnectedness between all aspects of human and environmental health.

Mind + Body + Spirit + Planet

More than a slogan, it’s a lifestyle. My life embodies these connections. If you combine just a few of my many passions, you begin to illustrate this intricate wellness connection dance.

Elements in the Wellness Connection Overlap in an Intricate Dance

Healthy People = Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet = Healthy People

Heather Murata

My Background

I hold a BA in psychology and have lived a healthy lifestyle, including 20+ years of natural and alternative health self-study and problem-solving. I’m passionate about natural health and environmental issues.

As a result, I understand the mindset of the environmentally-conscious natural health audience. I can relate and empathize with that community. It’s my tribe! Therefore, I’m strategically poised to communicate your message, mission, products, and services to that audience.

My psychology background in human development and behavior, and education informs my approach with every project I undertake.

Why is all of this important?

Because converting interest to action only occurs if your audience understands your message.

And that’s where I come in. I break down complex topics in a conversational tone, so your audience is clear on your mission, products, and services. Clarity leads to donations and sales, increasing your ROI.

My Mission

I know you’re busy doing what only you can do to run your business. You don’t have time to write content. And, frankly, writing isn’t for everyone! Some folks would rather pour a bucket of ice water over their heads!

I enjoy writing clear, creative, compelling copy and content to help people and our planet. Making it “real” for your audience facilitates their willingness to partner with you on a journey that benefits you both.

Do our missions align?

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